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Dangerous Goods Policy

Effective: 1 January 2020


Toll Group is committed to providing a safe, secure logistics service to our clients in transporting, handling and storing their products classified as dangerous goods and to provide for the safety of all employees, the community and the environment.


This policy applies to everyone who works at Toll in any capacity, whether full-time, part-time or casual, including temporary employees and contractors.


At Toll we will:

  • Ensure that all activities involving dangerous goods and hazardous chemicals are administered to the highest level required by the relevant legislation and that all applicable licences and permissions are in place for our employees, contractors, sites and equipment involved.
  • Supply services only to customers who recognise and operate to the strict guidelines of all relevant legislation.
  • Ensure all employees and contractors engaged by Toll, involved in the storing, handling or transportation of dangerous goods or hazardous chemicals, are trained and provided with information, personal protective clothing and safety equipment necessary to minimise the risks associated with those products.
  • Ensure contractors are checked by Toll for dangerous goods compliance prior to their engagement as well as on a regular ongoing basis to maintain their compliance to carry dangerous goods.
  • Ensure all dangerous goods consignments are checked for compliance with relevant dangerous goods legislation prior to acceptance of the goods by Toll.
  • Have documented procedures, checklists and review systems in place to cover all aspects of our operations involving dangerous goods.

Dangerous goods and/or hazardous chemicals restricted by legislation for storing, handling or transport will not be stored, handled or transported unless the relevant licences or permissions are in place and approval given by the relevant Toll Business Unit General Manager.

Breaches of this Policy

All suspected breaches will be investigated and appropriate disciplinary and remedial action taken.
Employees who do not strictly comply with this Policy will face disciplinary action, including counselling, formal warnings and dismissal.

Further Information

For further information contact your manager, your health and safety representative or your Human Resources representative.


Dangerous Goods Policy

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